Hands-on STEAM Learning, including AR/VR: From After-School to In-School

Learning Tour Overview

This tour is an opportunity for educators to see and experience a hands-on STEAM program in action and find ideas to bring back into the classroom. The tour will include observing students, following some of the curriculum for better understanding and getting hands-on with one or two digital tools, including AR/VR. We are excited for educators to see our AR/VR lab which will be opening in Q2 of 2019. This lab will be an opportunity for students to enhance STEAM learning with some of the latest technology. Participants on the Learning Tour will get an opportunity to see and try out some current AR/VR tech and see ways to align it to their curriculums. 

Tour Agenda (120 minutes) 

  • Introduction & Overview of What Empow has learned about introducing kids to STEAM – 15 minutes (Leonid) 
  • Welcome 
  • Teaching Methodology 
  • Balancing curriculum and hands-on project work (Blended Learning with Talent Box) 
  • Teachers-in-Action – 30 minutes (Bernardo) 
  • Get hands-on with STEAM using Talent Box and one of the following: Tinkercad, Scratch, Minecraft, Animation Hue 
  • Tour to see Kids-in-Action – 15 minutes  
  • The power of AR/VR in education and future careers – 30-45 minutes (Paul) 
  • Overview, demo and hands-on opportunity 
  • Wrap-up – 15 minutes (Leonid) 
  • Questions & Answers and Thank you! 

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Empow Studios
180 Needham Street
Newton, MA 02464 


Leonid Tunik



Empow Studios has always been focused on getting girls and boys across a wide range of interests and ages excited about the creative power of technology. As educators, we’re also constantly trying to improve our practices and tools. In our programs, we use many different digital tools in our 22+ learning tracks to help students with different learning styles and interests learn STEAM concepts. Our goal has been to lower barriers for all students and make the teacher role easier. Each child’s accomplishments are acknowledged in a way that is motivating, lasting, and flexible. Badges are awarded when kids complete tracks in specific technologies and are also awarded for leveling-up in cross-disciplines, including secret unlockable badges! Kids choose projects that level-up in three domains: Art & Design, Building, and Coding. In April/May, we will be launching a new AR/VR lab along with curriculum and programs for Talent Box and schools.


Date and Time Thursday, March 28th, 2019   3:30pm to 5:30pm
Empow Studios
180 Needham Street
Newton, MA 02464 
Level Grades 3 – 12
Audience STEM teachers, Tech Directors, School Leaders 
MassCUE Member Cost No charge
Limit 20
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