App Development Workshop – Learn How to Teach Coding with Swift

Learning to develop apps can help students solve problems, work together in creative ways, and bring their ideas to life. At this two-day professional learning workshop from Apple, you’ll learn how to introduce your students to coding using the free App Development with Swift curriculum. 

During this workshop, you will: 

  • Learn why Swift—a powerful programming language—is great for both professional developers and students who are just learning to code. 
  • Explore the App Development with Swift curriculum that introduces students to the world of app development and the basics of Swift andXcode
  • Get hands-on experience using Mac andXcodeproject files included in the curriculum. 


Workshop Details

Audience Computer science instructors, Engineering instructors, STEAM educators in universities, community colleges, CTE programs, and high schools  
Level Intermediate 
Instructor Mark Sobkowicz
Date August 1 – 2, 2019
Earn 15 PDPs 
Location Benjamin Banneker Charter School, 21 Notre Dame Ave, Cambridge, MA 
MassCUE Member Cost $300
Non-Member Cost $340
Limit 20 Participants

Current and relevant experience with an object-oriented programming language (Swift, Objective-C, C#, Java, Python, and others). Participants need to bring a Mac running Mojave 10.14.4 (or current OS version) with the Xcode app (currently 10.2.1) Note: Participants will need personal Apple ID and password for signing in for developer certificate. Note: Open up XCode app after downloading – some files will be downloaded and installed at this time.

Note about non-member rate

Consider joining MassCUE at member rate for $40 before registering so you can take advantage of other MassCUE membership benefits throughout the year, such as member-rate for workshops, free membership to Hoonuit and to MassCUE Learning Tours. 

Mark Sobkowicz



This course supports the following Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science standards:  

9-12.CT.d.1 Use a development process in creating a computational artifact that leads to a minimum viable product and includes reflection, analysis, and iteration (e.g., a data-set analysis program for a science and engineering fair, capstone project that includes a program, term research project based on program data).   

9-12.CT.d.7 Use a programming language or tool feature correctly to enforce operator precedence.  

9-12.CT.d.8 Use global and local scope appropriately in program design (e.g., for variables).   

 9-12.CT.d.10 Use an iterative design process, including learning from making mistakes, to gain a better understanding of the problem domain.  

9-12.CT.d.11 Engage in systematic testing and debugging methods to ensure program correctness.  

9-12.CT.d.12 Demonstrate how to document a program so that others can understand its design and implementation.  

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App Development Workshop – Learn How to Teach Coding with Swift August 1 – 2, 2019 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Benjamin Banneker Charter School 21 Notre Dame Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

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