21st Century Learning Conference

Learning Tour Overview

Twice a year, students and faculty at Nipmuc Regional High explore the question “If you had 1 hour, 1/2 a day or a full day to learn something new, what would you learn about?” Collectively the school community brainstorms answers to this question and reflects on the results. Groups of teachers, students, and community members come together to offer sessions that address these topics and offer sessions Nipmuc students. Science and math teachers partner to run a workshop on digital photography, or an English teacher and four students may run a seminar on leadership. While technology may or may not be a focal point, it will be, as Chris Lehmann says, “ubiquitous, invisible and necessary.” Technology is a resource to make relevant learning possible for teachers, students and community members alike.

Attendees will…

1. Observe collaborative co-learning conference in action
2. Learn the logistics of introducing, planning and executing an interest-driven learning conference
3. Discover the tech tools Nipmuc Regional High School uses to orchestrate this event
4. Collectively brainstorm how this type of event would be possible in their district
5. Explore an area of interest by attending one or several of the sessions offered at the 21st Century Learning Conference

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Nipmuc Regional High School

90 Pleasant Street
Upton, Ma 01568



David Quinn Email: dquinn@mursd.org  



David Quinn, Director of Technology Integration for the Mendon-Upton Regional School District

Date and Time June 13, 2018 7:30 am to 2:00 pm

Nipmuc Regional High School

90 Pleasant St. Upton, MA 01568

Level K-12
Audience Administrators, Teachers
MassCUE Member Cost No charge
Limit 50
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