Essential Functions of All Committees

Note: All committee work must support the MassCUE mission and operate in accordance with the MassCUE policies established by the Board.


Chairperson and Members will serve for one year. Chair will be appointed or reappointed at the May Board Meeting. Members will be appointed or reappointed at the June Board meeting.

Duties of the Chairperson:

  • Recommend candidates, who are members in good standing and can fulfill the duties of a committee member, for appointment or reappointment to the committee.
  • Communicate with committee members, arrange at least six meetings per year, plan agendas, make assignments, be the liaison to other committees, and conduct business on-line as needed.
  • Prepare at least six committee reports to the Board and post them in the Board Meetings folder at least one week prior to the Board meeting.
  • Post meeting dates, both face to face and online, on MassCUE Board internal calendar.
  • Collaborate with the web site coordinator to keep committee related information accurate, current and in accordance with these Procedures.
  • Collaborate with the social media ambassador and Communications Committee Chair(s) to share committee related news.
  • Prepare and present the committee’s Annual Report at the General Meeting.

Duties of the Members:

Attend online and face-to-face meetings on a regular basis and actively participate by volunteering to lead or support committee tasks.

 Committee Member Benefit: Those who have served, participated and contributed in accordance with Committee Members Benefit Policy will be eligible for complimentary membership for one year upon recommendation of the Chair at the June Board meeting. If they agree to do so, they will be recommended for reappointment.

Those who have not actively served, participated and contributed will not be recommended for reappointment and will be notified by the chair that, if they are able to actively participate in the future, they can let the chair know that they would like to again be considered to serve on the committee.

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