Digital Educator Recognition Program

MassCUE would like to recognize educators as lifelong learners with our new micro-credentialing program. Earn up to four badge levels, along with added benefits to your MassCUE membership! Display badges earned proudly on your website, social media and other forms of digital communication!

This four-level program is available to all MassCUE members at no cost during the introductory roll out of the program. Many of the module tasks are embedded in the Hoonuit platform that is included in every MassCUE membership! After completion and review of each badge level, an educator will receive PDPs as well as a badge within a three-week period after completion and approval from the MassCUE PD Committee. We encourage participants to earn all four badges.

This four-level program is available at no cost to all MassCUE members! Many of the module tasks are embedded in the Hoonuit platform that is included in every MassCUE membership! We encourage participants to earn all four badges.


Digital Educator Level 1 Badge   Digital Educator Level 2 Badge   Digital Educator Level 3 Badge   Digital Educator Level 4 Badge

Get started with the Level 1 Badge today!

Digital Educator Level 1 BadgeLevel 1 Badge: Explorer – Available now!

Complete the designated modules using the self-paced Hoonuit online learning system and earn your first badge. (9 PDPs)



Getting Started:

Complete the Digital Educator Level 1 Registration Form

Sign in to Hoonuit with your email and the password provided to you when you joined MassCUE

Search for the MassCUE Pathway

Complete the following modules:

  1. Introduction to SAMR
  2. 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning
  3. Final Evidence

If you are having difficulty logging into your Hoonuit account, please email Ingrid Eppelsheimer

Digital Educator Level 2 BadgeLevel 2 Badge: Apprentice – Coming Summer 2019

Complete designated tasks to earn your second badge, as well as a complimentary one-year MassCUE membership. (12 PDPs)




Digital Educator Level 3 BadgeLevel 3 Badge: Integrator – Coming Fall 2019

Complete designated tasks to earn your third badge and participate in any of our onsite workshops for half-price. (12 PDPs)



Digital Educator Level 4 BadgeLevel 4 Badge: Mentor – Coming Fall 2019

Complete designated tasks to earn your fourth badge and attend either our Fall or Spring Leadership Conference for half-price. You will also earn the status as a reviewer for MassCUE Badge applications for Levels 1-3. This badge will help qualify you as a MassCUE instructor. (12 PDPs)



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are micro credentials?

Micro-credentials may be used to demonstrate to anyone that you’ve mastered a certain skill set. Because of this, micro-credentials are useful for those seeking employment or career advancement opportunities. Source: What is Micro Credentialing?

Q. Do I have to be a MassCUE member to participate?

Yes, all participants must be members of MassCUE in order to gain free access to Hoonuit and to earn MassCUE badges.

Q. Do I need to complete the all the levels and in the order listed above?

Yes. We acknowledge that some levels may be easier for the more experienced educator, however, attaining each level shows us further evidence of life-long learning.

Q. Is there a cost?

No, but you must be a MassCUE member.

Q. Do I pay for membership in Hoonuit in order to complete the modules?

No, it is part of your membership. Once you join MassCUE you should have been given an account.

Q. How do I log into Hoonuit?

Each MassCUE member is given a Hoonuit account when he/she joins MassCUE. If you no longer have your Hoonuit membership email and password, please email Ingrid Eppelsheimer at

Please contact Rochelle Cooper at for more information

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