MassCUE and M.A.S.S. invite students and teachers to educate attendees about the amazing learning that is occurring in schools throughout Massachusetts! We are excited to put your students in the driver’s seat at our annual fall conference. CUEKids is a wonderful way for students to teach others how to do projects they did in the classroom!

Think about projects you have done that fit digital age learning and teaching and tell us about it. Other educators love coming to the CUEkid area to see projects in action!  This year we are looking for students to walk attendees through the process of the project. This might be showing teachers how to use apps and create lessons from them. Teachers might have an opportunity to learn to make a movie or use new software! It will also give educators ideas to try out in their own classrooms! If chosen, a classroom teacher, a co presenter, and a maximum of four students will be invited to present their risk taking innovations at this year’s fall conference! Parents of chosen students will also be included as our guests.

Teachers interested in sharing a student-generated project that emphasizes learning through technology are encouraged to submit a proposal for the CUEkid area. This is an excellent opportunity for teachers to showcase effective integration of technology and the curriculum on student-generated classroom projects. On Wednesday and Thursday conference attendees will have the opportunity to visit your CUEkid presentation (2 hours) to learn about the various projects and talk with students.

Selected CUEkid schools give students the opportunity to demonstrate their work in the areas of Web, video, multimedia, graphic art, sensor/probe data and analysis, animation, and database development. The showcase offers new ideas on how integrating technology into the curriculum serves to heighten student engagement.

The format for the CUEkid presentation is as follows:

Each group will have an exhibit table that is approximately 3′ X 6′ but will not have a backboard. You may bring a backboard if you like, but it is not required. Student projects may be displayed on computers that they bring. (Power cords and wireless access is available.)

Before and after the showcase, we encourage students and teachers to attend other sessions to take full advantage of this learning experience!

This year all grades 4-12 presenters will give a CUEKid Ignite session. The number of students presenting is up to the individual teacher’s discretion. Presenters will have 2 minutes and 1 slide to share their passions in a continuous rapid-fire presentation! If your students are in grades K-3 this will be optional. View the ignite session from this year’s Student CUEByte Speaker, Sachi Badola, to see an example.

The deadline for submitting a showcase proposal is May 1, 2019 by midnight.  Notification of acceptance will be sent out to the primary contact by June 1, 2018.

Questions, please contact the CUEkid coordinators, Rayna Freedman and Kim Zajac, at

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