Do you have a great project involving technology going on in your classroom or school? MassCUE is looking for video submissions of your classroom project to be highlighted and celebrated through sharing on website and social media platforms. Simply grab a mobile device and show and tell your projects in action.

There will be two opportunities to win the CUEClip Challenge! 

Round 1: September 16 to November 15, 2019
Round 2: January 15, to March 16, 2020

Prize includes a $25 Amazon gift card and the winning videos to be showcased at our Spring and Fall conferences. Winners will be announced via e-mail and on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. If chosen, we will ask for more supporting background information.


Objective: To highlight what the great technology projects and best practices that are going on in New England schools. To promote discussion of best practices in technology use in schools. This is meant to be simple. Raw and unedited videos suggested but some editing can be done if you must. No soundtracks or titles please.

  1. Please introduce your video “… and this is my CueClip”.
  2. Use social media and the hashtag #MassCUECueClip.
  3. Follow your district student media release rules prior to submitting.
  4. Use the Hashtag #MassCUECueClip to submit your video OR
  5. (OPTIONAL) If you would like MassCUE to upload your video on your behalf, fill out the online form, certify that your students have some sort of media release, and upload your video.


  1. Video entries must be around 1 minute.
  2. Must have all students involved with appropriate media release in your school or district
  3. “MassCUE” must be spoken in the video and included in the title as well as @masscue and #MassCUECueClip.
  4. Begin with: “My name is / Our names are … “  “…and this is my CUE Clip:”
  5. Each eligible entry will be scored based on the following criteria with 100 total points available for each entry.
  6. Standards referenced in video.
  7. Must be located in New England
  8. Click here to submit if you do NOT wish to use your own Youtube, Instagram or Twitter.  Note that MassCue will upload to these platforms on your behalf.

40 points – Highlights a use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.
30 points – The video is uplifting and inspires educators/students.
20 points – Quality of the video: easy to hear and understand with good lighting.
10 points – Standards referenced, required script (above)

By submitting, entrants attest that students appearing in the video have a media waiver on file in the school or district..
Video contest entries will be accepted on a revolving basis and prizes awarded periodically. Videos or links to videos uploaded to Google drive or Dropbox with proper share permissions.
Only videos that meet the listed requirements will be eligible to win a prize, however all videos will be considered for MassCUE website and social media. All prizes may not be awarded if eligible entries are not received.

By submitting your video entry, you are giving Massachusetts Computer Using Educators (MassCUE) permission to use the video for promotional purposes.

Winners will be announced via e-mail and on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram


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