Creativity Cafe

Wednesday and Thursday

10:15 AM – 11:10 AM
11:30 AM – 12:25 PM
1:30 PM – 2:25 PM
2:45 PM – 3:40 PM
LOCATION: East Side/Red Level/North End (Nook near Mezzanine)

Are you looking for ways to be more creative in your classroom? Are you in need of some fresh ideas on supporting creativity with students? Maybe you just want to know what it means to “be creative” in the classroom.

The Creativity Cafe offers 6 playful stations that include creative exploratory experiences. Our stations are guided by Manuel Herrera (@manuelherrera33), Dan Ryder (@wickeddecent), Jacquie Gardy (@jacquiegardy), and Kim Zajac (@ZajacSLP).

Join us and step into a journey of inspirational and mindful processes using visual thinking, creative mindsets, and engaging activities.You will leave with real strategies and proven tools to begin your own creative journey. Our goal is to encourage attendees to connect, share and build upon creative ideas and takeaways.


Sponsored by  SMART Technologies


CREATIVITY CAFE Stations and Descriptions

Sketchnoting & Building Confidence with Drawing

Are you interested in using sketchnoting and visual thinking with your students but feel like you can’t draw? Stop by our station to learn a few quick exercises to quickly build your confidence in drawing. We’ll share which apps and tools we enjoy using with students. You’ll also leave with a few confidence-building drawing activities for your classroom.

Pause & Mindfulness in Slow Drawing & Watercolors

Indulge your mind in a powerful pause as you slow down to tune in to what matters most. Turning inward, your senses will give way to a grounded, mindful presence where experimentation and color hold space for your creative self to flow.

Holding Out for a Hero: Designing Heroes for Our Communities

Superheroes have long reflected the values & beliefs of the times, places, and people from which they emerge. Use the available materials to design original heroes for your communities.

Stop-Motion Metaphors

Some of us learn best when we see our thinking of us, others when we interact with our ideas hands-on, and still others when we can connect one idea to another. Use our mobile stop-motion studio to create short metaphorical movies to express important concepts.

Creative Advice Stand

Are you in a creative slump? Are you stuck and just don’t know where to get started with creativity in your classroom? Maybe, you want a little creative advice on something cool that you’re working on with your kids? Then you should stop by our Creative Advice Stand. It’s like a lemonade stand but we’re offering creativity! So, bring your questions, dilemma, or ideas and let’s chat about it! You’re sure to walk away with some great advice!

Journaling your MassCUE Adventure

Moments are what we make of them or make with them! Join us to explore ways of capturing the 2 Days of MassCUE through the practice of journaling. In creative ways, we will dabble, doodle and draw connections between the people we meet, the things that we learn, and the emotions we feel being back at Gillette once again!


CREATIVITY CAFE LOCATION: EAST Side/RED Level/North End (Nook near Mezzanine)


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