Development and Outreach

January 10, 2019

Charge: Increase and support membership. Support marketing strategies that have been approved by the Board.

Optimal number of members: 10-12

Responsibilities: Make recommendations to the board regarding membership.


Standing goals:

  • Increase membership to the organization that is representative of the diversity and regions of Massachusetts.
  • Plan and sponsor relevant events that align with MassCUE’s mission and support the needs of our members.

Working goals:

  • Develop and implement a robust ambassador program that is representative of the diversity and needs of educators, in all sectors, in the various regions in Massachusetts.
  • Review the current membership structure of the organization, research and observe practices from other ISTE affiliates,  and make recommendations to the Board of Directors that innovate, and that are in the best interest of MassCUE’s future growth.
  • Develop and plan events that not only increase membership but also provide members with opportunities to grow as educators.  
  • Make recommendations to the Board to increase and improve membership benefits.
  • Collaborate with other committee chairs to promote and encourage more active participation by members.
    • Worshops/Classes
    • Conferences
    • Writing for MassCUE Online
    • Grants. Scholarships, Sponsorships
    • SIGs
    • other Committee memberships

Annotated Timeline for Membership Procedures:

  • Ongoing:
    • Ambassador Program
    • Mission-focused social events
    • Connecting/collaborating with various MassCUE committees
  • June:
    • Recommend committee members for appointment by President with Board approval..
    • Discuss Goals for the year ahead and review the DOC Procedures.
  • July:   Collaborative Partnerships
    • Collaborate with ED and Staff on strategic scheduling
    • Recruit members to present at educational group conferences/events.
      • Include discussion relevant to the specific group.
      • Include an overview of what MassCUE can do for each educator.
  • August:  
    • Purchase visuals and take-aways to promote member benefits.
    • Create electronic media re. benefits of membership.
    • Prepare materials for table at Fall Conference.
    • Prepare signup sheet for CUE Central for Fall Conference.
  • September: Request Board members and DOC members to select times to cover CUE Central.
  • October:  Send Reminder emails to all who volunteered to work CUE Central. Facilitate Member Benefits table at MassCUE Fall Conference.
  • November: Review the Procedures for possible edits/revisions.
  • February Prepare materials for table at Spring Leadership Conference.
  • March: Facilitate Member Benefits table at Spring Leadership Conference.
  • March: Prepare budget for the following year.
  • April:  Brainstorm activity to encourage members to attend the Annual General Meeting.
  • May:
    • Seek membership input, analyze results, make recommendations to Board.  
    • Chair recommended for appointment by President with Board approval.

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