• Reflections of the 2020 Spring Conference

    by Beth Haselton On March 6th, 2020, Holy Cross played host to the annual MassCUE & MASCD Spring Leadership Conference.  The sun was shining, the facility was perfect and it was a great day for learning, listening and sharing.  At the event I had the pleasure of working as MassCUE’s...

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  • Abbey Dick

    Aspiration and Inspiration

    by Abbey Dick On March 6, I was lucky enough to serve as a Social Media Ambassador at the MassCUE and MASCD’s 2020 Spring Conference, focused on a personalized approach to school change. It was a great day of learning and collaboration at Holy Cross. Here’s my main takeaway: Massachusetts...

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    by Diane Horvath Five years into the development of Blake Middle School’s Blaker Makerspace, we are still evolving as #MIP Makers-In-Progress. The space is changing as we add materials and expand instruction, and the students and teachers continue to work toward a maker mindset.  It is amazing to consider that...

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  • SE EDCamp Attendees

    Pronouns: Be a Part of the Conversation

    Pronouns. That one word encompasses so much. We hear people introducing themselves using pronouns. Social media profiles and email signatures now include pronouns. They are used to identify gender. Students as young as elementary are sharing their choice of pronouns. However the conversation is absent from many professional development opportunities,...

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