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For the third year in a row, MassCUE will be hosting an exciting all day hands-on workshops for teachers and administrators.

MassCUE’s Googlepalooza event is a full day of G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) hands-on workshops taught by experienced Google Certified trainers and Educators to promote better learning in the classroom. Participants will have a choice between presentations at varied ability levels – all covering a wide variety of G Suite tools, devices (Chromebooks, iPads, Android Tablets), teaching strategies, and implementation.  All this learning for just $65 (fee includes lunch.)

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This event will be held at:

Montachusett Vocational Technical High School
1050 Westminster St
Fitchburg, MA 01420


Jennifer Judkins

Jennifer Judkins HeadshotJennifer is the Digital Learning Coordinator in Lynnfield Public Schools, a 1:1 Chromebook district. Jenn is a Google for Education Certified Trainer, 2016 MassCUE Pathfinder recipient & was awarded the 2015 PBS Lead Digital Innovator.  She provides on-going in-class support to teachers and students in grades K-12 in her home district as well as professional development to schools throughout MA.  Jenn curates useful technology resources, tip sheets and integration ideas for educators on her blog, and is a regular contributer on the TechEducator Podcast.  Find Jenn on Twitter @jennjudkins.


Jonathan Schmid

Jonathan Schmid HeadshotJonathan is the Director of Innovation & Technology at The Meadowbrook School of Weston, Massachusetts, which was recently recognized as an exemplar school by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning. He has presented at numerous conferences such as ISTE, NAIS, MASSCUE, and AISNE on subjects including Digital Citizenship, Design Thinking, 3D Printing and Making. Jonathan is a certified Google Education Trainer and Certified Google Administrator. He can be found online at and on Twitter @schmidjon.


Julie Spang

Julie Spang HeadshotJulie is a former Grade 3-12 classroom teacher and currently the Digital Learning Coach for Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School.  She is a Google for Education Certified Trainer, co-organizer of Edcamp Grafton & North Shore, MakerSpace enthusiast and presenter at MassCUE and Christa McAuliffe Technology conferences.  She delivers professional development in and out of the district and supports teachers in the meaningful integration of technology in the classroom. You can contact her via email and Twitter @jaspang.


Jennifer Lowton

Jennifer Lowton HeadshotJennifer is the Educational Technology Coordinator at Winnacunnet HS and a Google Education Trainer. Jennifer is  a multi-certified experienced educator and Google Education Trainer with a strong background in integration of technology in education, special education and professional development. She has served as a Director of a professional development center, K12 Technology Integration Specialist, IT eLearning Specialist, K12 Special Education Teacher, ESOL Teacher and Adjunct Instructor for technology courses at the higher education level. She has presented on various topics relating to technology in education and technology for unique and special learners at venues such as the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, NHSTE Tech Teachers SIG Series, NHDOE/KSC Common Core Summit She currently works with various districts across NH and outlying states on technology integration topics such as iPads in schools, iPads for Unique and Special Learners, Google Apps for Education, and more. Find out more about Jennifer at and on Twitter @jllowton.


Susan Kiley

skileySusan is a Certified Google for Education Trainer, PBS Digital Innovator and the Technology Coordinator at Bishop Feehan High School in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Her vast experience in professional development includes integrated lesson planning and emerging trends, as well as professional learning communities to bring a collaborative approach to innovation in her school. Susan is a regular presenter at ISTE and a facilitator for the Massachusetts Inaugural Cohort for the Leadership in Blended Learning program through The Friday Institute at North Carolina State University. She teaches the Applied Practical Technologies course through which students provide integration and technology support for her school. Her professional development experience includes ongoing training for teachers in her own school, as well as conference workshops, presentations and Google Apps for Education Summits.

Susan holds a Master of Education degree in Curriculum & Instructional Technology, as well as  MA DESE licenses in both teaching and administration. Her focus is on how technology can be used to improve teaching and learning, and bridging the gap between pedagogy and technology tools to make this happen. She may be found online at, on Twitter @msskiley & Google+.


Sarah Perkins

Sarah Perkins HeadshotSarah is a Digital Learning Coach for Lynnfield Public Schools. A former middle school Language Arts teacher, Sarah became a technology specialist to guide and encourage other teachers as they utilize technological tools with their curriculums. Sarah has provided professional development both in-district and at regional conferences, including Blue Ribbon Schools, MassCUE, and Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference. Sarah’s passion is to help teachers to see the possibilities that digital learning tools can bring to learners of all ages to feel successful in and out of the classroom. Sarah can be found on Twitter @ELAperks.


Cost $65.00 (fee includes lunch)
  • Jennifer Judkins
  • Jonathan Schmid
  • Julie Spang
  • Jennifer Lowton
  • Susan Kiley
  • Sarah Perkins
Date and Time February 22, 2017 with snow date: February 23, 2017
8:00 am – 3:30 pm
Location Montachusett Vocational Technical High School
1050 Westminster St
Fitchburg, MA 01420
Audience Teachers and Administrators


Trainer: Jenn Judkins

What’s all the Hype About Hyperdocs?
Hyperdocs are so much more than a document with links. They are visually engaging, carefully crafted lesson plans that challenge students to higher levels of thinking! You can turn simple Google Docs into vibrant, self-paced lessons that allow students to tap into all that the web has to offer learners. Explore free templates created by other teachers that you can easily adapt for your own classes. (All Levels)

Featured Google Tools: Google Drive, Docs, Slides & other web tools

Mind-blowing Google Docs Tricks
Comfortable with Google Docs? What about all of the hidden features, powerful Add-ons and Extensions you’re missing out on? Join us for a face-paced session and learn how to embed rubrics, creating shortcuts for feedback, view revision history in video playback mode, leave voice comments for students and much more! (Intermediate/Advanced)

Featured Google Tools: Google Docs, Chrome Extensions

Make Your own Android Apps with App Inventor:
Did you know that you and your students can design and create their own apps on any device, with little or no previous coding experience using MIT App Inventor? In this hands-on, introductory session, you will be introduced to the App Inventor platform, a block-based programming environment where you will practice some basic concepts. Leave with resources to help you begin using and teaching with App Inventor. (Beginner)

Featured Google Tools: MIT App Inventor, Google Play

Advanced Google Forms & Add-Ons:
Google Forms are commonly used to create simple surveys, but this powerful tool is SO much more! Learn how Google Forms can save you valuable time and engage students in new ways. During this hands-on workshop participants will dive deeper into this fantastic, free tool to create auto-grading quizzes, and flipped classroom lessons. (Intermediate/Advanced)

Featured Google Tools: Google Forms, Google Sheets

Trainer: Jonathan Schmid

Tame Your Inbox! Getting More from Mail
Spend more time in your Google mail inbox than you’d like to admit? Join us as we discover ways to stay organized, save time and tame the inbox beast! Together we’ll dive into standard mail settings, hidden ‘Labs’ features, and third-party add-ons that you’ll wonder how you survived without.

Featured Google Tools: Gmail

Getting Nerdy with Google Sheets
Become a spreadsheet wizard with handy functions, amazing add-ons and a slew of tips and tricks that will save you time as you explore all that sheets has to offer. Learn how to turn your sheets into a Jeopardy style quiz, pull live data from across the web, hack together your own spreadsheet database and more! Who knew sheets could do so much, or be so fun?!

Featured Google Tools: Sheets

Makerspaces and Google Apps
Learn how to incorporate the Maker Movement, design thinking and the creative tools in a makerspace with Google Apps. We’ll “hack” Drawings and Slides together to create large posters, laser cut designs, and 3D printable models. We’ll also dive into “appsmashing”, by organizing the workflows of the makerspace using Google Apps as well as 3rd-party tools.

Featured Google Tools: Drive, Calendar, Sites, Drawing, Slides

Google Certifications
Ever consider earning one of Google’s many certifications but aren’t sure where to start? We’ll share tips, tricks and details on the Google Certified Educator, Google Certified Trainer, Google Certified Innovator and Google Certified Administrator programs. Join us as we dive into the many certification options, share resources to help you prepare, and learn about the benefits of becoming “Google Certified”!

Featured Google Tools: Other, Google Certifications

Trainer: Julie Spang

Exploring the world through Virtual Reality Google style
Learn how to use smartphones, tablets and Google Cardboard to bring your students on virtual field trips to more than 100 engaging locations from the Polar ice caps to art museums through Google Expeditions. See how easy it is to immerse students in entirely new experiences. Participants are encouraged to download the Google Cardboard app on their smartphone if it is possible. (Level: Beginner)

Featured Google Tools: Google Expeditions and Google Cardboard

Chrome Apps & Extensions
Learn the difference between Google Chrome Apps and Extensions, how to add them to Chrome and see several apps and extensions in action that will improve you and your student’s productivity.
(Level: Beginner)

Featured Google Tools: Google Chrome

Using Tour Builder in the classroom
Tour Builder allows you to build a map that include photos, text, and/or video. This introductory session will explore how Google Tour Builder can be integrated into all K-12 subject areas. Educators will view student and teacher created tours and brainstorm ways Google Tour Builder can be integrated into their subject area. Participants will learn how to create and share our own maps.
(Level: Beginner)

Featured Google Tools: Tour Builder

Google Chrome App Smash (Thinglink/Soundcloud/YouTube and more)
Google Apps make it easy for students to quickly sign into a website and creatively demonstrate their knowledge in any curriculum area. Thinglink is an easy-to-use google app that can be used to bring a traditional poster to life with text, images, audio and video. Learn how to turn a traditional poster project on its head with Thinglink, Soundcloud, Google Images and Youtube. (Level: Beginner)

Featured Google Tools: Google Chrome and Google Apps

Trainer: Jennifer Lowton

Google Apps on the iPad: Supporting Struggling Learners
The iPad has so many amazing features to support and enhance learning. Participants will begin by exploring cool tips, tricks and settings to get the most out of ipads in the classroom and to further support struggling/unique learners. Next, explore the difference between Google Apps on the computer versus the ipad. What apps best support using Google tools on the ipad, how do they work together and how do students and teachers use them effectively in and out of the classroom setting. Apps explored will include Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Google Keep but discussion will cover additional apps that integrate well with them for lesson ideas. Learn how to share documents with students, comment on their work, collect work in Google Doc format and tips to make the process effective.

Featured Google Tools: Mobile Google Apps: Drive, Docs, Sheets, Keep and Google Drive Integrated apps for iPad

Chromebooks and Chrome Extensions to Support Struggling and Unique Learners
Chromebooks have become a preferred and successful digital tool choice in many learning settings. Educators will explore setup and basics of chromebook use, tips and tricks as well as explore basic google apps integration. Learn how to use Chrome Extensions and Apps to support struggling learners and what Chromebook features do this as well. Participants will also explore and work with other great chrome apps and extensions and take away some class lesson ideas.

Featured Google Tools: Chrome, Chromebooks, Docs, Drive

Creating Interactive Worksheets, Infographics and Activities with Google Draw
Google Draw is one of the lesser known Google Apps that can do so many powerful and amazing things. Learn how to create digital interactive worksheets, assessments, diagrams and activities as well as basic picture editing and infographic creation with this amazing tool.

Featured Google Tools: Chrome

Youtube For Creating, Sharing and Assessing
Learn with basics of navigating a Youtube account. Then explore how to edit videos online within Youtube, create a class page for sharing content and examples of Youtube Class Channels used in schools for Assessment, portfolios and more.

Featured Google Tools: Youtube

Trainer: Sue Kiley

Blending with Google
Participants will see how Google Apps for Education is used to create student-centered experiences and how time is spent in a blended learning environment. Ideas for online lessons and student-centered activities, along with tools to create these experiences will be shared. (Level: Intermediate/Advanced)

Featured Google Tools: Classroom, Chrome Extensions & Apps

Intro to Forms
Innovating Ideas for Google Forms: Google Forms can be used to quickly create simple surveys, “flip” lessons, formatively assess student learning, receive just-in-time instructional data and more! During this hands-on workshop, participants will practice the basics of Form creation and understand how to distribute their form and view responses. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your teaching and save time using this powerful, free tool! (Level: Beginner)

Featured Google Tools: Forms

Collaboration in the Classroom
Come and see how Google Docs may be used for students to collaborate on assignments both in and outside of the classroom. Ideas for collaboration will be shared, along with hands-on experience using Google Classroom and Docs from the student POV. (Level: All)

Featured Google Tools: Classroom and Docs

Exploring the NEW Google Sites
Today’s media-rich world presents opportunities to showcase our interests and talents. Google’s new version of Sites makes this easier than ever! Come and see how Google Sites can be used for digital portfolios at both the classroom and individual levels. (Level: Intermediate/Advanced)

Featured Google Tools: Sites, Docs and Slides

Trainer: Sarah Perkins

Earn an A+ in Google Classroom!
Come learn hands-on how to best utilize Classroom to better connect you and your students seamlessly to collaborate with Google Drive in the class setting. You will learn how to create a class, invite students to join, how to post assignments, announcements and discussion posts, view and grade assignments, and other other features. It is also a great way to host a class for professional development within your district. Participants should have Google Apps for Education accounts for both teachers and students within your school domain to use Google Classroom.
(Level: Beginner/Intermediate)

Featured Google Tools: Classroom and Drive

Extensions, Apps, and Chrome, oh my!
Increase your productivity with free Chrome Apps and Extensions in the classroom and beyond! Extensions enhance your workflow while you are on a website, providing tools at your fingertips right beside the browser bar. Apps are similar to mini software programs, allowing you to access them from the Chrome browser, rather than your desktop. Both apps and extensions are cloud-based, which means you can access them anywhere you are logged into Chrome. We will explore different apps and extensions for education so you will leave ready to do more with your students and workflow!

Featured Google Tools: Chrome

Getting Started with Google Drive and Docs
Slide into the driver’s seat to navigate the basics of Google Drive and Docs. In this hands-on session, you’ll become acquainted with the features of Drive & Docs, including “cloud” file storage, sharing options, collaboration features, etc. You’ll walk away feeling more confident and ready to begin using Drive!
(Level: Beginner)

Featured Google Tools: Drive and Docs

Staying Organized in Google Drive/App
Feeling overwhelmed by the files and folders in your Drive? Come learn tips & tricks for how to organize and manage your documents between “My Drive”, “Shared with Me” and beyond. You’ll learn best practices for folder naming, color schemes, adding to multiple folders, etc. Take this opportunity to grab some ideas on how to get and stay organized with Google Drive.
(Level: All)

Featured Google Tools: Drive


Map of Monty Tech

8:45-9:45 Session 1

Workshops Room
What’s all the Hype About Hyperdocs? (Judkins) TBA
Getting Nerdy with Google Sheets (Schmid) TBA
Exploring the world through Virtual Reality Google style (Spang) TBA
Google Apps on the iPad: Supporting Struggling Learners (Lowton) TBA
Blending with Google (Kiley) TBA
Earn an A+ in Google Classroom! (Perkins) TBA


10:00-11:00 Session 2

Workshops Room
Mindblowing Google Docs Tricks (Judkins) TBA
Tame Your Inbox! Getting More from Mail (Schmid) TBA
Chrome Apps & Extensions (Spang) TBA
Chromebooks and Chrome Extensions to Support Struggling and Unique Learners (Lowton) TBA
Intro to Forms (Kiley) TBA
Getting Started with Google Drive and Docs (Perkins) TBA


11:15-12:00 Demo Slam


12:00-12:45 Lunch


1:00-2:00 Session 3

Workshops Room
Make Your own Android Apps with App Inventor (Judkins) TBA
Google Certifications (Schmid) TBA
Using My Maps in the classroom (Spang) TBA
Creating Interactive Worksheets, Infographics and Activities with Google Draw. (Lowton) TBA
Digital Portfolios with Google Sites (Kiley) TBA
Chrome Apps/Extensions (Perkins) TBA


2:15-3:15 Session 4

Workshops Room
Advanced Google Forms & Add-Ons (Judkins) TBA
Makerspaces and Google Apps (Schmid) TBA
Google Chrome App Smash (Spang) TBA
Youtube For Creating, Sharing and Assessing (Lowton) TBA
Collaboration in the Classroom (Kiley) TBA
Staying Organized in Google Drive/App (Perkins) TBA



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