Where Do You MassCUE?


Regardless of where your summer takes you, MassCUE has you covered! With a variety of formats to meet your professional development needs, our digital teaching and learning opportunities can be accessed in many ways! At the beach? Listen to an episode of our Get a Cue podcast! Have two hours to spare? Sign up for a Tech4You self-paced workshop! Traveling abroad? Sign up for a 4-week, virtual workshop and earn graduate credit after checking your bags! We have many special programs and events with openings available! 

Enjoying our professional development? We want to know about it! For every post shared on social media with the hashtag #WhereDoYouMassCUE, you will be entered to win our monthly drawings! One participating post will be chosen at the end of both July and August and the winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card! Buy yourself a little treat to celebrate boosting your skills and learning this summer! 

Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Share a tip, thought, quote, image or take away from what you are learning. The more posts you create with our hashtag, the better your chances of winning! Gift card recipients will be announced on July 30th and August 31st at 12pm!

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