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I Survived (and Thrived) Through ISTE Educator Certification and You Can Too!

The following article is reposted from its original with permission of author, Lauren Cahill.

Sarah Kyriazis, Bethany Emery, and Laura CahillWhen I first saw a tweet from ISTE that they were working on an educator’s certification, I texted my department manager and said, “Let’s do this.” The truth is, I am a certification collector and I knew enough about the ISTE standards to know that the certification would be relevant to my work as an ed tech coach. At that point, I had no idea how pivotal this process would be for me, my department, and my school district.

The Logistics

The Benefits

What now?

Until recently I had no idea how many other people had gone through this process or who they might be. I was fortunate to attend the annual ISTE Conference and our team registered to attend the ISTE Certified Educators session on the Monday night of the conference, curious to find out what information they may have for us about maintaining our certification. (What are they going to make us do now??) To say we felt celebrated at that session is an understatement. We found out that there are currently only 185 ISTE Certified Educators worldwide BUT another 1680 are in the process. 50 of us were present in the room and we had a chance to give our honest feedback of the process and get know each other.

Nicole Cooper [6] and I made this (very spur-of-the-moment) video to explain why we love the ISTE Certification!

The following day my department manager, Sarah Kyriazis [7], presented on the ISTE Learning Stage about our process and how it has impacted so much of what we do and other educators came up to ask us questions about its value. At that point, I decided that I would share out my thoughts in the hope that other educators will see how this certification can really have an impact on their students and classrooms.

Image credit: Suzanne Judson-Whitehouse

You had probably heard about the ISTE Educator Certification and maybe you have even been considering it. If so, start here [1] to find out more about it and find a Certified Provider. Please reach out to me directly [8] if you have specific questions or just want to talk it through. I would be glad to support you along the way!

Laura Cahill is a district technology coach and former visual art educator in the Worcester Public Schools as well as a lecturer at Assumption College. She is a Google Certified Trainer and ISTE Certified Educator, who is an advocate for equitable access to technology for all students. Laura is also the proud mom of two college students and enjoys blogging and reading about educational technology topics. You can find her at [9] or on Twitter at @engageducate [10]