Sketchnoters’ Cafe

Come explore The Sketchnoters’ Cafe, a social learning center where you can connect with attendees, explore your creative side and experience how visualizing thinking is revolutionizing the way people learn and share ideas! Sketching materials along with concrete examples and step by step guides will set you on your way to discovering a variety of ways to incorporate this pedagogical approach and tool for learning into your classrooms. You can also learn to sketchnote using apps BYOD style on your tablet or phone! The possibilities are endless at the Sketchnoters’ Cafe! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect, educate, and inspire with like-minded attendees of #MassCUE19! Stay tuned for Sketchnoters’ Cafe cameo appearances by many sketchnote enthusiasts!

Sketchnote by Manuel MassCUE18



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