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Making the Most of MassCUE’s Fall Conference

Making the most of MassCUE 2018 Fall ConferenceAttendees to MassCUE’s Annual Fall Conference [1] at Gillette Stadium on October 18 – 19th will want to make the most of New England’s largest educational technology conference by following some simple tips. Meet and connect with amazing people, find out about innovative products, and learn new ways to utilize digital tools in meaningful ways. With a little planning, attendees will be sure to leave the conference fulfilled and energized!

Before the ConferenceTips for before the conference

Decide on a Goal

What do you hope to get out of the conference? Having a focus will help you determine which sessions to attend, vendors to visit, and people to connect with.

Make a Schedule Ahead of Time

Carefully review & plan your time at MassCUE BEFORE you arrive!

At the ConferenceTips for during the confernce

Arrive Prepared

Dress professionally but comfortably. You’ll be doing lots of walking and room temperatures can vary. Dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes. Bring a tablet, Chromebook or small laptop, but don’t forget your charger!  Seats near outlets are at a premium in the afternoon.  

Follow #MassCUE178on Social Media

The official hashtag of the conference is #MassCUE18 [4].  Share what you are learning, and follow people who are Tweeting about the conference.  Conferences provide a great opportunity to build your online professional learning network!

Take Notes

Conferences can feel like information overload.  Take notes throughout the day to keep track of all of the information, save links to presentations and jot down contacts to follow up with after the conference.  

Have Conversations

Don’t be shy!  Introduce yourself to people sitting around you before a session begins.  Sit down at lunch with people you haven’t met before.  Stop in at the MassCUE table located in the center of the vendor hall and talk with veteran attendees who can offer helpful tips.  

Rule of Two Feet

If you find yourself in a session that isn’t what you expected, or your friend is texting you about an amazing presentation that you are dying to hear – just move!  Exiting quietly and respectfully is perfectly acceptable.  

After the Conference

Enjoy the Nightlife

Evenings after MassCUE are a time to connect with friends, attend vendor-sponsored activities and debrief about the day with like-minded educators.  


Take time to reflect on the conference experience.  Review your notes and follow up with people you want to connect with and ideas you want to put into practice.

Get Involved

MassCUE [5] isn’t just a conference, it’s a vibrant, professional organization that has opportunities year round.  It’s a group that relies heavily on volunteers, so consider becoming a member and getting involved.  

Jennifer Judkins HeadshotJennifer Judkins is the Director of Digital Learning for Lexington Public Schools, a Certified Google Education Trainer, 2016 MassCUE Pathfinder and member of the MassCUE Communications Committee.  She shares technology tips, resources and lesson ideas through her blog [6]  and can be found on Twitter @teachingforward [7] Check out one of Jenn’s sessions [8] at the MassCUE conference.