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Speed Dating: How Silver Lake Regional School District Saves 40 Hours Each Time It Researches EdTech Products (Vendor-Sponsored)

Learn about Silver Lake Regional School District’s use of speed dating to choose better EdTech products. Find out how they saved money, reduced staff efforts, while still increasing input and engagement across various district departments. Today we will learn how to: 
• Save time researching product options, and coordinating vendors meetings, 
• Reduce staff time spent in boring vendor product demos, 
• Get more competitive quotes, 
• And discover a better way to find products you didn’t even know existed. 

Audience School District Leaders, District IT Departments 
Level All
Instructors David Murphy, Padraig O’Shea 
Dates January 28, 2021 
Time 11:00 am – 11:45 am  
Location Live webinar
Cost Free

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About the Instructors

David Murphy & Paidraig O’Shea

Join David Murphy, Information Systems Manager at Silver Lake Regional School District (Kingston, MA) and Padraig O’Shea, VP School Engagement, Once-Over in discussing a different approach to a problem that we all face, picking the right technology option.

About Once-Over

Once-Over was born out of the frustration of watching the way technology gets discovered. Should the company with the biggest marketing budget win your business? No, it should be the company with the best product fit. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often enough. Companies that have been around longer tend to have the larger footprint of customers and larger sales team, but technology changes so quickly that it’s also likely those same companies no longer offer the best product. Many of these companies have good products and if you talk with your peers, they may like the products and recommend them to you.  But to give a very simple example: you select the best walk-man you can find to play your music, how frustrated are you after spending your hard-earned money, only to find the smart phone a couple of weeks later. Technology changes quickly, there are 1000’s of EdTech companies you have not discovered. We don’t want to help you buy anything, we just want to help you to discover the possibilities, and to quickly give them the Once-Over.