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Innovative Ideas for Inspiring Leadership in our Students and Colleagues – within a Virtual Setting and Beyond

Leading beyond our titles from any role is critical when it comes to contributing to the culture of a school or district.  Our current situation has called on us to perhaps learn and lead more than we ever have before.  I hope you will come join me as we dive into leadership opportunities that exist within our buildings as well as the virtual arena we have entered.  Throughout this course, we will use Lead beyond Your Title to explore how we can create change in ourselves, our students, and our colleagues.  We will spend the last portion of the course creating an action plan we can take with us as we identify our strengths and passions that will allow us to move forward with deep purpose in whatever environment we’re in.  We will dive into the PIRATE acronym serving as a foundation to the mission we create as well as purposeful digital tools to help leverage the impact for those around us and beyond.  As we work together, we will all walk away with innovative ideas for inspiring leadership opportunities in our students and colleagues within a virtual setting and beyond.  


Course Details

Audience K-12 Educators, Administrators, Specialists 
Level All
Instructor Nili Bartley (Author of Lead Beyond Your Title)
Dates Thursday, October 22nd – Thursday, November 19th, 2020 
Earn 15 PDPs
Location Online Once per week virtual meetups (Dates and times to be determined by group)  
MassCUE Member Cost $150.00
Non-Member Cost $190.00 
Limit 20 Participants
Prerequisites Participants must have a copy of Lead beyond Your Title: Creating Change in School from Any Role with Part 1 read by the start of the first class 

Nili Bartley

Nili BartleyNili is currently a technology teacher and digital learning coach at Wilson Middle School in Natick, MA as well as author of Lead beyond Your Title: Creating Change in School from Any Role. Nili is passionate about bringing unconventional learning to students and colleagues, empowering them to bring their strengths and passions to school every day. After an eleven year adventure in the classroom inspiring students to lead, Nili’s technology integration role at the elementary level for the next three years pushed her to see the importance of a thriving culture. Through coaching colleagues and implementing innovative ideas, Nili was able to serve as a catalyst, sparking positive change in her buildings as well as district. Nili continued to grow as a teacher and coach while taking the leap to middle school and now in her current role, is invested in creating innovative experiences within her new district. A MassCUE Committee Member and Champion, BrainPOP Certified Educator, and enthusiastic presenter, Nili is committed to sharing her passions beyond the school community and is always excited to connect with other educators.


Weekly Outline:  

  • Each week will involve reading one section from the book prior to class. 
  • Participants will choose their own questions to reflect on based on those provided at the end of each chapter. 
  • Discussion sessions will be held during each class in groups to share reflections. 
  • Time for brainstorming innovative ideas based on the reading for remote learning as well as in our schools will also be given during each class. 
  • Participants will develop one idea through a weekly assignment they can bring back to their students and or colleagues during the remainder of the week based on the reading, discussions, and ideas shared. 
  • During the final week, students will create an action plan as they reflect on leading with passion and purpose within any environment.  

K-2.DTC.b.1:  Collaboratively use digital tools and media resources to communicate key ideas and details in a way that informs, persuades, and/or entertains.   

K-2.DTC.b.3: Use a variety of digital tools to present information to others.   

3-5.DTC.b.1: Communicate key ideas and details individually or collaboratively in a way that informs, persuades, and/or entertains using digital tools and media-rich resources.   

3-5.DTC.b.2: Collaborate through online digital tools under teacher supervision.   

6-8.DTC.b.1: Communicate and publish key ideas and details individually or collaboratively in a way that informs, persuades, and/or entertains using a variety of digital tools and media-rich resources.   

6-8.DTC.b.2: Collaborate synchronously and asynchronously through online digital tools.   

9-12.DTC.b.1: Communicate and publish key ideas and details to a variety of audiences using digital tools and media-rich resources. 

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Innovative Ideas for Inspiring Leadership in our Students and Colleagues – within a Virtual Setting and Beyond Thursday, October 22nd – Thursday, November 19th, 2020 Three online weekly sessions

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