Digital Tools to Engage Adolescent Readers and Writers – Hybrid

This workshop is a hybrid with one face-to-face session on Monday, July 17 2019 at EDCO from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Sessions 2 and 3 will be held online July 24th – August 8th.

There is no doubt that today’s students learn differently than students of the past.  Conventional teaching methods are no longer engaging students as they did in previous generations.  In her book iGen, Jean M. Twenge provides the key to this mysterious generation.  In this course, you will identify ways today’s iGen population of students differs from students of the not-so-distant past and jump right into exploring digital strategies to help kindle students’ love for reading and writing.  Participants will get to engage with online digital tools such as Padlet and Plickers and be introduced to other online tools that will allow students to interact with text and with one another.  Presenters will share how they have applied each digital tool to reading and writing lessons at the middle school level.  Participants will leave with a virtual toolbox that can be adapted and applied to reading and writing during the two on-line sessions. 

Weekly Outline:  

Week 1 – 7/17/19 (face-to-face): Overview of iGen and digital tools 

Week 2 – 7/24 to 7/31 (online)Explore how digital tools can promote critical thinking while reading. Try at least one of the reading tools in your classroom, and post a brief reflection on Google Classroom about on how it engaged your students in the reading process. 

Week 3 – 8/1 to 8/8 (online):  Explore ways to apply digital tools to the writing process. Try at least one of the writing tools in your classroom, and post a brief reflection on Google Classroom about on how it engaged your students in the writing process. 


Course Details

Audience Classroom teachers
Level Middle School (grades 5-9)
Instructors Krista Wright, Kate Robertson
Dates Session 1 (in person): Wednesday July 17th 2019
Sessions 2 and 3: Will be held online July 18th – August 15th 

Earn 10 PDPs
Location EDCO Collaborative, Bedford, MA
Time 4:00-6:00 pm
MassCUE Member Cost $150
Non-Member Cost $190
Limit 20 Participants
Prerequisites none

Krista Wright & Kate Robertson


 Krista WrightKrista  is a 7th grade English Language Arts teacher for Lynnfield Middle School. She has seen the power technology has to enhance her curriculum and make it more accessible to all students. She works closely with the Digital Learning Coach to create engaging lessons and projects that support her curriculum and the Common Core State Standards. Krista has presented at NCTE, MassCUE, and is a presenter for Salem Collaborative Project. 



Kate Robertson

Kate is the Director of English, Social Studies, and Humanities at Lynnfield Middle School, supporting curriculum design and instruction in grades 5-8.  Kate taught English Language Arts in grades 5, 7, and 8 before moving into the curriculum director role. She works with administrators and teachers to design curriculum units that will promote student inquiry and engagement in the classroom.  


This course supports the following Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science standards:

6-8.DTC.a.1 Identify and explain the strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of a variety of digital tools. 

6-8.DTC.b.1 Communicate and publish key ideas and details individually or collaboratively in a way that informs, persuades, and/or entertains using a variety of digital tools and media-rich resources. 

6-8.DTC.b.3 Demonstrate ability to communicate appropriately through various online tools (e.g., email, social media, texting, blog comments). 

6-12.SL.1. Prepare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with diverse partners, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively

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Digital Tools to Engage Adolescent Readers and Writers
Wednesday, July 17, 2019 through August 15, 2019
EDCO Collaborative
36 Middlesex Turnpike
Bedford, MA 01730

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