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Corporate Partner Information

Spotlight Guidelines

Each Corporate Partner will have a “Spotlight” in our MassCUE News.  Please view our Guidelines for the schedule and suggested format.

Corporate Partner Professional Development Form

You can find our Corporate Partners PD page here — it is listed on our website under Educate > Corporate Partner Offerings as well as our Corporate Partner page located under About Us > Corporate Partners.  We publish the MassCUE PD News around the 2nd/3rd week of each month.  This News will give an overview of the month’s PD plus a link to the Corporate Partners PD page.  You can fill this form out any time you have professional development you would like promoted by MassCUE.

Corporate Partner Badges

Corporate Badges are available for you.  If you wish to display this badge on your website, email signature, or any other promotional materials for your company, please do so.  We are proud and appreciative of our partnership.  We will be sending out updated badges for our Corporate Partners who sign on for 2023-2024.

Corporate Partner Benefits

MassCUE Corporate Partners share MassCUE’s mission and are interested in supporting MassCUE at a higher level.  By partnering with MassCUE, our Corporate Partners have increased their exposure to influential educators across the state to learn about and benefit from their services.  MassCUE is grateful to our Partners for their continued support and collaboration with our organization.

View our Corporate Partners 2023-2024 Benefit Sheet

Corporate Partner Newsletters


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