Congratulations to MassCUE’s 2019 Teacher Scholarship Winners



Elizabeth BartholomaeElizabeth Bartholomae, Awarded by Data Recycling of NE

My name is Elizabeth Bartholomae, and I teach 6th grade for Pembroke Public Schools. I went to Boston College and graduated in 2014 with a degree in education, majoring in elementary education and applied psychology/human development. I am currently working on my Master’s at Bridgewater State University while concurrently working as a 6th grade teacher in Pembroke Public Schools. I teach math and science, and work so hard to give my students the opportunity to love learning as much as I do. Technology plays a huge role in engaging my modern students in their education and allows them to advocate for their learning style, while learning at a pace that is appropriate for their needs. I am always looking for new ways to pique their interest and for this reason, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to attend MassCUE.

Matthew Paskov, Awarded by Custom Computer Specialists    Matthew Paskov

I fell into the technology side of education just by being knowledgeable, something I credit to my own interests aswell as being born after 1990. I began facilitating other teachers when I was a sub in Hartford and quickly saw I was very capable of facilitating not only other educators but the school as a whole.  In my fourth year as an educator I will be heading up the roll-out of 1 to 1 laptops for our 1400 students, furthermore this year our district is switching to Unified Classroom and Microsoft Office suite from Brightspace. Given these fast and substantial changes my school and district are going through, I am excited to experience and learn about the advancements technology is making in education, and to bring that understanding back to Springfield.

Joel RichardsJoel Richards, Sponsored by Edgenuity

I am Joel Richards, I have been teaching for 12 years. One of my passions is helping children develop the skills that allow them to be confident, malleable, and self-sufficient.



Kim Earley, Sponsored by White RockKim Earley

Kim Earley is the English Department Chair and Secondary Humanities Lead at Nashoba Regional High School, where she has been teaching English for the past nineteen years.  Kim graduated with a BA in English from Saint Anselm College and an MA in English from Fitchburg State University.  She is currently leading an initiative to implement the literacy workshop at the secondary level to personalize learning and engagement for all students.  Kim lives with her husband and daughter in Lancaster, MA.

Sai Gattupali

Sai Gattupali, Awarded by MassCUE

Sai Satish Gattupalli is a first-year doctoral student in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His interests include instructional design, tutoring systems, and improving classroom delivery through collaborative tech tools. During free time, Sai actively maintains – a collection of free and useful classroom collaborative and academic tools. For when Sai graduates, he wishes to be involved in the teaching community as an instructor for the instructors.

Susan JonesSusan Jones, Awarded by MassCUE

Susan has been working with students in Melrose since 2001. Most of that time was spent teaching 4th and 5th grade. She has always had an interest and passion for integrating technology and developing competencies in this area in her classroom. Outside of the classroom, she can be seen around Melrose supporting her own three children at a variety of after-school and extracurricular activities.

Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose, Awarded by MassCUE

I am an Instructional Technology Teacher at Concord Middle School. I teach coding (using’s CS Discoveries curriculum) to every 7th & 8th grader in the school. I’m so happy to be a recipient of MassCUE’s Fall Conference Teacher Scholarship Program!


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