Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

MassCUE’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is integral to the mission and vision of our organization. The different perspectives and experiences of our members define the fabric of our community. These many perspectives and experiences contribute to the growth of the individuals who educate students across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  


  • Ensure the DEI work sustains in our organization and helps move forward board policies and strategic priorities  
  • Support the nomination and retention of board members of color  
  • Have a sitting member of the DEI committee on the conference committee  
  • Support and facilitate professional learning for board members and the MassCUE community.  
  • Promote DEI professional development for MassCUE members
  • Facilitate annual professional development for new and existing board members
  • Coordinate with all committee chairs to ensure they are strategically  

Each MassCUE Committee is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers. The following make up the current Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Chairs and Committee Members.


Andrew Marcinek

Andrew Marcinek

Andrew Marcinek is currently the Chief Information Officer at Worcester Academy in Worcester, MA. Prior to his role at Worcester Academy, Andrew served as the first Chief Open…

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  • Christine Fay
  • Tracy Sockalosky
  • Colleen Terrill
  • Jennifer Tonelli
  • Kim Zajac

Ex-Officio Members

  • Chris Gosselin (President)
  • Heidi MacGregor (President-elect)
  • Savvy Demers (Executive Director)

Latest News & Updates

  • DEI Update: Inclusive Learning SIG and ISTE Digital Escape Room

    DEI Update:  Inclusive Learning SIG and ISTE Digital Escape Room

    ISTE Digital Escape Room: UDL Edition Put your Universal Design for Learning (UDL) skills to the test during a Digital Escape Room led by ISTE Community Leaders and featuring special guests, Luis Perez and Kendra Grant who authored the ISTE Book “Dive Into UDL 2nd edition”. The challenges are designed to meet everyone where they are ...

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Committee Resources

Curation of DEI Insights, Organizational Responses, and Resources: 


The DEI committee will  

  • Expand and enhance diversity equity and inclusion professional learning opportunities for MassCUE board members and staff.  
  • Enhance and promote a welcoming, inclusive environment for underrepresented and diverse members through recruitment, retention, and support programs  
  • Facilitate collaboration between MassCUE and its constituents to address complex economic, environmental, and social challenges through research, education, entrepreneurship, economic diversification and growth. 
  • Create an environment of inclusion for new board members that promotes the recruitment and retention of diverse board members  
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