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Procedures for Fall Conference Committee


Fall Conference Committee

February 16, 2017

Charge : To plan, promote, coordinate and evaluate the annual Fall technology conference.

Optimal number of members: 9-10 members of the conference committee


Major decisions or changes that affect the conference, as recommended by the committee, will be presented to the Board for approval.

Decisions which affect the responsibilities of other MassCUE Committees will be communicated to those Committee’s Chairs for collaboration.

There will be volunteers to support and distribute the extensive work for the conference. Each volunteer area will have a leader selected by the Conference Committee. It is recommended that there be volunteers that are not on the Conference Committee. Volunteer area leaders will report back to the Conference Chair and Conference Committee in a timely manner at committee meetings.


Volunteers for the Conference Committee:

Other Category:

Annotated Timeline: (date, action, responsibility)

Refer to Conference Committee Manual