Spring Election 2017 – Candidates

Below you will find a list of the candidates for the 2017 Executive Board for MassCUE. Please take a few minutes to read through their information. The voting window will open on April 9th. A link for the ballot will be sent out to our membership at that time.

William Milot

Running for President – 2-year position

I am the Director of Educational Technology for the Diocese of Fall River. For 22 years I have been servicing the technology curriculum, infrastructure and professional development needs for our schools. Former experience as a math and computer science teacher has helped immensely in understanding and servicing the needs of our students and teachers.

As President, I serve as an ex officio member of all MassCUE committees, frequently participate in Fall Conference Committee meetings, and co-chair the newly formed Vendor Relations Committee. I am also an active member of the SEMSIG and SCITT SIG’s. I formerly served as Development and Outreach Committee co-chair, and as Treasurer served as Finance Committee chair. I wish to continue to work supporting MassCUE’s vision and developing its strategic plan. My philosophy in education is to constantly and actively seek ways to provide students and teachers the opportunities to be active, self-guided, life-long learners.

Rayna Freedman

Running for President-Elect – 4-year position

Rayna Freedman Photo

Rayna Freedman (@rlfreedm) is running for President Elect for Massachusetts Computer Using Educators (MassCUE) and would love for you to consider her to move MassCUE forward over the next four years! She is an educator with a passion for technology in education. Rayna will work with the MassCUE Board members to articulate MassCUE’s core values, build capacity for sustainable leadership, continue to provide high quality professional development, and encourage global thinking and learning.

Rayna is dedicated to providing an innovative, strategic vision for transforming and improving teaching and learning using educational technology. Time management, communication, organizational skills, and creative and critical problem solving are strengths of hers. She has presented at numerous conferences such as ISTE, MassCUE, Tech and Learning, Ed Tech Teacher, STEM Summit, and Medfield’s Digital Learning Day. She worked on the state digital literacy standards. Her commitment to MassCUE is balanced by thoughtful ways to make things happen.

Grace Magley

Running for President-Elect – 4-year position

Grace Magley Photo

The MassCUE mission, Connect, Educate, Inspire, aligns with my personal belief that GREAT educators are lifelong learners and it is through connecting with others that we learn, grow and improve. MassCUE is a premier Educational Technology organization that connects educators to one another and to quality resources, services and solutions. I have seen, first-hand, how MassCUE events inspire teachers to be leaders, and leaders to act to improve teaching and learning with technology.

I am proud of and passionate about the work that I and my fellow board members have contributed to MassCUE since being elected to the board in 2013. My focus as president-elect will be to facilitate quality MassCUE partnerships, memberships, and services and to improve board functions to support growth and innovation. I believe my knowledge, skills, and experience will allow me to successfully lead MassCUE over the next four years and I ask for your support.
Linkedin: gracemagley Twitter: @gmagley

Karen McGrath

Running for Secretary – 2-year position

Supporting students and staff with the use of technology for education has been a long-time passion of mine. During my career as an educator, I have had the privilege of working on every level from pre-school through graduate school. I offer a successful twenty-three year track record in education, technology integration, technology support and leadership. It has been an amazing experience serving on the Board for the last two years and If elected, I am confident that the board and the membership will benefit from my continued hard work ethic, my professional, positive attitude, and my passion for teaching and learning. Thank you for your consideration.

Jacqueline Prester

Running for Treasurer – 2-year position

I have enjoyed my time serving as the Treasurer of MassCUE and would welcome the chance to continue this honor. Over the past term, I have helped make positive strides in further securing the financial stability of the organization, while also giving back to our membership with increased benefits. I am currently in my eleventh year as a business and technology teacher at Mansfield High School, and prior to that worked as a consultant in the financial software industry. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Computer Information Systems, an MBA in Marketing, and an MEd in Instructional Technology. As a life-long learner, I always seek opportunities to enhance my professional skills while also helping others improve theirs. Serving as the Treasurer of MassCUE blends my love for business, technology, and education into a single role. Thank you for your consideration.

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