Featured Speakers

Matthew Beyranevand

Dr. Matthew Beyranevand is the K-12 Mathematics Department Coordinator for the Chelmsford, Massachusetts Public Schools. Matthew is an ambassador for the Global Math Project, supporter for the With Math I Can campaign, and a member of the Massachusetts STEM Advisory Council. He also serves as an adjunct professor of mathematics and education at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and Fitchburg State University. He presents at National Seminars on Growth Mindset through the Bureau of Educational Research. Through his website, mathwithmatthew.com, he provides visitors with his podcast, blog, math music videos, and more resources to help increase students’ interest and engagement in the learning of mathematics while building conceptual understanding. Matthew has been featured on WBZ news and the news magazine, Chronicle. Matthew’s first book, Teach Math Like This, Not Like That: Four Critical Areas to Improve Student Learning, was published last year through Rowan & Littlefield.

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Kathleen Fritz

Kathleen Fritz is the CEO and founder of CREATOMbuilder, Inc.: a coaching, project design, and planning company for design thinking in project-based learning and the creator of CREATOMsetgo: The project planning wizard. She is a designer, educator and entrepreneur. She was a 2011-2012 Fulbright-Nehru Scholar to India where she worked with Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology to develop art and design integrated toolkits for rural India.  She coaches educators and leadership teams throughout the country in design thinking and innovative practices for K12 education.

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Heather Lister

Heather Lister is an international speaker and author on the topics of makerspaces, innovative libraries, and space transformation. With her experience and training as a school librarian, mathematics, instructional technology specialist, and school administrator, Heather brings a unique and practical perspective to the world of school librarianship and maker education. Heather now works with schools around the world as a Professional Learning Specialist. Heather is the mom of two wonderful children and a lover of all things Harry Potter. Follow her @heathermlister or check out her blog at www.heatherlister.com.





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